The Board of The Twitter is not Going to be Joined by Musk, But The ‘Significant Improvements’ have been Wanted, The Integration of DOGE Payments has been Teased

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Shortly after purchasing a 9.2% risk in Twitter, Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has announced that he is wishing to lead the way.
For “substantial enhancements” to the social media sites system “in the coming months,” and also perhaps for the assimilation of dogecoin (DOGE) settlements.
For premium solutions. This can potentially boost the need for the meme coin which counts Musk as one of its leading promoters.
The advancement came quickly before Parag Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, revealed that Musk had actually determined not to sign up.
With the business’s board of supervisors. “Elon’s consultation to the board was to become formally reliable 4/9.
However, Elon shared that same morning that he will certainly no more be joining the board.

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I think this is for the very best,” Agrawal tweeted. This said the entrepreneur’s current series of tweets suggests Musk’s means to form the company’s future growth.
As an investor, he has a variety of suggestions on just how the social media platform can enhance its performance.
And lure more customers to its various solutions. “Elon is our most significant investor as well as we will certainly stay open up to his input,” according to Agrawal.
Among others, Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer is reviewing various modifications to the membership costs of Twitter Blue.
The business’s costs service, as indicated by Musk’s tweets. “Price must most likely be USD 2/month but paid a year upfront.
And the account doesn’t obtain a checkmark for 60 days (watch for CC chargebacks.)
And put on hold without any reimbursement if utilized for scam/spam,” he tweeted.

“Perhaps even a choice to pay in Doge?” Musk added. The entrepreneur has actually shown his capacity to trigger rallies or in many cases sharp decreases.
In the costs of crypto assets such as bitcoin (BTC) and DOGE with his numerous news. Last December, DOGE’s price skyrocketed.
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