“All Time High in the City” by XCOPY, Hits the $6 Million Mark

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While the Bored Apes bask in the spotlight, it’s still the old guard that rules the NFT space. Recently, a very early XCOPY artwork minted way back in 2018 sold for a monstrous 1,630 ETH. That is more than $6 million at today’s prices. The product concerned is XCOPY’s “Perpetuity High in the City.”A stark as well as the foreboding depiction of Death, the ferryman, as he moves a beleaguered investor to the heck where he belongs. All the while, the image flickers menacingly via shades of crimson and black.” Perpetuity High in the City” showed up on the blockchain on November 16, 2018. Then changed hands for the first time a full year later for 10 ETH,$1,436 since December 2019.

There it continued to be till as just recently as last September when it was bought for 1,000 ETH,$ 3 million. And now, at the turn of the year, that value has skyrocketed to$ 6 million. All for a single artwork including none of the area, or utility guaranteed by its PFP equivalents. Totally for the value kept in the artwork itself. Amazing. CryptoArt item cost 1,000 ETH a while back. Not a rare collectible or an energy NFT. Now, it sold for 1,630 ETH. Collectibles$ of January 2, 2022, when it concerns NFTs it seems there is no alternative or heritage. Recently, a huge deal was constructed from the”flipping,” the moment where the Apes flooring cost (briefly) surpassed that of the CryptoPunks. Yet, take a look at the other end of the spectrum, and also it’s clear that the highest possible Punk sales numbers tower over those of their simian rivals.

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