Rik Lee Acknowledged 9 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat.

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We are already at the 9th Planetary Convos, the last of the year. I hope you had a lively Xmas and also can begin the new year full of favorable energy, and also perhaps some added pounds. In 2014 was a great year for NFTs. I myself began my journey in this year. I have actually met many beautiful artists and collection agencies as well as have actually already accumulated a great deal of art. I’m extremely delighted for what’s to come following year. I myself have some interesting growths underway and I can not wait to tell you! Let’s make it a wonderful year together! The last but not least artist of the year is Rik Lee. I got to know Rik through Twitter(as I satisfy most artists, haha)! His job consists of several sources of motivation, but his biggest ideas is daily life.

I like to see which, occasionally everyday, clothing he selects for his art. I also like the details like the tattoos he draws on his characters. With his years of experience as an illustrator and his hard work mindset, I assume he is well on his means to attaining his goal of creative as well as monetary flexibility. I can not wait to see just how his collection continues to expand over the years. Rei: Hello Rick. I am really curious about who is behind the gorgeous art. Can you tell me a little bit a lot more regarding yourself? Rik: Hey Rei! Okay, I’ll start with something I hardly ever inform anybody; my full name is Richard George Barnett Lee.

Since I was a child, every person’s calledme Rik. I was born in a location called Paraparaumu, which is in New Zealand. I matured in Melbourne, Australia and I currently live as well as draw in Bali, Indonesian. When people ask I claim I’m from Australia since that’s where I have actually spent most of my life however I in fact have no Australian blood. My Mum’s family is from New Zealand and my Daddy’s household is from the UK. As a kid I was stressed with illustration, skateboarding and browsing. Day-to-day I was outdoors wrecking the community and also getting into mischief yet in the evening you might discover me in my space, quietly and also contently drawing. I filled sketchbook after sketchbook and was forever thinking up stories and also characters. Involve think of it, not that much has transformed! I’m still consumed with illustration, skate boarding as well as searching and I’m still forever daydreaming. I studied graphic layout yet after graduating I concentrated on making it as an illustrator. It’s not been an easy roadway to be straightforward. I invested years functioning very long days and late evenings.

No days off. Laying out away in my Melbourne shared house bed room/ workshop, scratching by and expecting a break. However, with effort, determination, perseverance and a little good luck I’ve slowly however surely constructed a profession and a way of life that I like, by doing something that I love. These days, I obey the coastline with my wife Regina and also our 3 dogs, Tiaki, Susu and also India, in the stunning home we constructed together. Rei: What are your preferred things to do besides making art?Rik: Hanging with Reggie and the dogs. Surfing. Taking a trip. Consuming alcohol coffee. Enjoying a beverage as well as a good conversation with close friends. Playing records as well as dancing terribly. Rei: Inform me how you started making your art? Exactly how has your certain design developed over the years? Rik: I began drawing as soon as I might grab a crayon! DMC News 1643814013 the woods.jpg

My Dad made use of substantials to earn theserolls of paper from his work, which I would certainly expanded underneath my Mums feet in the kitchen and also draw this legendary spacecraf fights: Aliens, UFO’s, laser beam of lights, the works. I enjoyed it! In my very early teens I got really into skateboarding. My pals as well as I were obsessed with skating and also every little thing associated with the subculture, like punk rock songs, streetwear, digital photography and also art. This remained in the 90’s as well as there was a great deal of good things happening in those scenes. I ‘d gather all the skateboard publications, which were super motivating to me. I would certainly try to dress like my preferred skaters, pay attention to the exact same songs as well as draw art like the designs they had on their skateboard decks.

I found artists from that world whose work I appreciated like Raymond Petittbon and also Jim Phillips, which inspired me to try reeling in a similar, visuals illustration style. After secondary school I researched visuals style as well as remained to establish my image abilities while learning exactly how to draw electronically. At that time, I rode the train to institution as well as I ‘d sketch the various other guests, focusing on their apparel, which caused an interest in vogue picture. I started attracting individuals, mainly women as well as concentrated on enhancing my portraiture skills.

So lengthy story short, my art is truly just a large mix of all these impacts and rate of interests. I integrate a love of graphic art with style image as well as portraiture. I mix typical products, like pencils and pastels with electronic techniques. My job evolves as I refine my technological skills. It’s a continuous, ongoing process and I love (almost) every minute of it! Rei: What are your sources of inspiration for creating your art?Rik: Ohhh, there’s many! My biggest ideas is everyday life. I such as to commemorate individuals, our physical variety and also interior complexities.DMC News 1643814016 light magic.jpg

When I attract, I’m inspired by music and also coffee. Rei: The length of time do you work on your art on a daily basis and how exactly does this process work? Rik: When I was more youthful and also building my career I kept crazy working hours. Now, I try to preserve a much healthier job/ life equilibrium. The dogs wake me up around 6am and I stand up and head outside straightaway. I such as to invest the very first couple of hours of my day outdoors being active. I’ll start my functioning day around 9-10am as well as I’m usually in my workshop till around 6 or 7pm. I’ll take little breaks to see what remains in the refrigerator, chase after the pets around, examine the surf or take pleasure in a beverage with a friend, yet a lot of the moment I’m attracting.

I rarely work at evening; instead I such as to spend the evenings with Regina and our 3 pet dogs, cooking great food as well as lounging around. As for my procedure, I make coffee, placed on songs as well as simply job. There’s constantly something to do. I discover if I stay hectic, great suggestions as well as ideas will ultimately pertain to me. Some days are better than others naturally, yet it’s all about showing up. I show up everyday, weekends included. It’s an advantage I like what I do! Rei: Do you have a specific ambiance that you wish to convey with your art? Rik: I like to tell tales within my job, so there’s constantly a strong narrative component. My MADWORLD collection explores the depressing, attractive, violent and fantastic globe that we bring inside ourselves.

DMC News 1643814020 riklee3 scaled.gif

It’s about dealing with our inner satanic forces as well as there’s a dark, dreamlike, enchanting vibe. I utilize my Foundation Gallery as an outlet for picked jobs. The motifs can be much more varied than the work in MADWORLD. Once again, I such as to inform stories in the art. The narrative might not be apparent as well as it’s constantly open to the audience’s interpretation, however there’s constantly implying and also intent hidden within. Eventually I want the audience to feel a psychological connection with the job. Rei: Given that when did you start making NFTs of your art? Just how do you like the journey in the NFT space so far? Rik: I began my NFT trip in October and it’s been a wild trip. I’m surprised by just how fast whatever moves in this area, it’s continuously shifting and also changing, the modern technology is ever developing.

It’s interesting as well as inspiring however I discover it frustrating sometimes. It can be difficult not obtaining caught up in the FOMO. I’ll check Twitter as well as everyone appears to be making, offering or accumulating fantastic art regularly. Which, consequently, makes me feel as though I need to function much faster, offer even more or collect even more. It’s absolutely not good for my stress and anxiety! Haha.I try to stay tranquil and move on at my own pace. Reminding myself that it’s not concerning fast sales or quantity of sales. It’s about making art that I love and also developing a body of high quality work that I boast of. The coolest thing about the NFT space is the NFT area.

I have actually satisfied many great, helpful people and I have actually found loads of amazing brand-new musicians. It’s reassuring to understand that there are numerous like minded creatives available. It’s as though we’re all recognizing the unbelievable possibility of this technology together, constructing it as we go by making as well as sharing something that we like art! Which is a powerful, lovely thing. Rei: Do you have any kind of certain objectives you wish to achieve in the NFT area? Rik: Flexibility! I hope that the NFT area offers me flexibility creatively and financially. A possibility to move away from industrial, self-employed job and also to focus simply on making my very own art. That’s the desire: To invest my time making art that I love while sustaining the people that I love.

DMC News 1643814029 bad side.jpg

Rei: Which artists do you respect one of the most, in the NFT globe and as a whole? Rik: Ohhh, numerous! Haha! I’m anxious that if I begin naming names I’ll fail to remember individuals. I admire the musicians that have invited and sustained me on this journey. It’s discouraging starting something new, so having people reach out and offer advice while being incredibly helpful and motivating has been truly great . I appreciate individuals like that as well as now I hope I can do the exact same for new artists that join this area. Rei: What do you believe the globe will resemble in the next 10/25 years? What area do you think NFTs will have in this world? Rik: Wow! That’s a difficult question. I’m worried about how unusual the globe will certainly look in 1 year let alone another 25 years! Haha I’m an optimist though so I’ll state that we’re heading toward an optimistic future. DMC News 1643814032 hannya.jpg

We’re taking an awkward road there presently, however with any luck things will certainly enhance and us NFT lovers may go to the forefront of this favorable shift.You asked me to be imaginative so I’ll say that NFT’s develop a large shift in global riches. The abundant, old jerks who currently rule the globe will certainly be surpassed by a younger, vivid generation of modern, creative minds who will work to unify people, celebrating the remarkable diversity of the mankind as well as the planet we’re so lucky to occupy. That appears corny yet it will be incredible!

As well as if I’m wrong, it’s fine because innovation will be so advanced that we can leave to a virtual world of our picking at any time while the real world burns to the ground. Rei: Could you offer me a sneak optimal of something new you are presently functioning on? Rik: This is the new piece that I’ll be going down soon. Rei: Finally, where can individuals locate even more regarding you and your art? Rik: For NFT things, have a look at Twitter, OpenSea, Structure. Likewise have a look at Instagram, Facebook as well as my internet site.

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