‘ETH 1’ and ‘ETH 2’ are Shifted to ‘Execution Layer’ and ‘Consensus Layer’ by Ethereum.org

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Ethereum.org will stop using the traditional “ETH1” as well as “ETH2” terms when referring to the stages of Ethereum (ETH )’s growth instead taking on making use of “implementation layer” and also “consensus layer.
“More especially, ETH1, which describes Ethereum making use of the Proof Of Work (POW) consensus system, would be ‘relabelled’ to the “execution layer.” On the various other hand, ETH2 (or Ethereum 2.0) the stage when Ethereum’s shift to the Proof Of Stake (POS) mechanism is completed would be marked as the “consensus layer.”
“Since late 2021, core programmers stopped using the ETH1, ETH2 terms, as well as today, as highlighted in our Q1 roadmap, ethereum.org makes the same shift,” they claimed in a blog post.

Ethereum.org, per their web site, is a public, open-source resource for the Ethereum community, to which anyone can add to. It has a “small group” that maintains and establishes the site which is moneyed by the Ethereum Foundation.
They noted that the main reason behind the adjustment is to remove possible confusion, arguing that some customers could think that ETH1 comes first and ETH2 follows it, or that ETH1 ceases to exist once ETH2 completes while in truth, they are both components of Ethereum. To put it simply, ETH1 +ETH2= Ethereum.

“By eliminating ETH2 terminology, we conserve all future customers from browsing this complicated psychological model,” Ethereum.org said.
Furthermore, some destructive actors have attempted to deceive customers by using the ETH2 misnomer, making them swap their ETH symbols for phony ‘ETH2’ tokens, they stated, adding,
“We hope this upgraded terminology will certainly bring clearness to remove this scam vector and assistance make the ecosystem much safer.

“The group additionally kept in mind that relabeling does not change anything concerning Ethereum and also its roadmap.
As reported, in late 2021, Ethereum blockchain’s Kintsugi Testnet went online and also enabled customers to test and also model the Merge when the existing Ethereum Mainnet “merges” with the sign chain POS system.
Earlier this year, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin reviewed Ethereum’s development in the direction of its “grand vision” throughout an episode of the bankless podcast, estimating that it is midway there.

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