Help The Graffiti Queens for the Upcoming Metaverse Festival

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Calling all metaverse occupants! The Graffiti Queens need your aid! This April will see the second annual Graffiti Queens Event, as well as the coordinators are searching for places and also musicians to make this one of the most incredible event yet.

The Graffiti Queens Event

The Graffiti Queens Event is the largest event of women art the world has ever seen. An amazing event held by the Graffiti Kings and also curated by garbage art legend, Crypto Yuna. In 2015’s occasion was a cutting-edge occasion including over 270 lady musicians, covering several metaverses. Now, it’s time to run the show once more, as well as like all sequels, that implies larger, wilder as well as even more ambitious than ever.

The event has no guidelines, no fees, no age limitation, unlimited, non-platform details celebration of pure art produced by female-orientated humans. It will certainly run from April 3 until April 10 in whichever metaverses want to give space.

The Venues of Crypto Yuna

has actually sent a call to arms and also is looking for places throughout the metaverse to host this year’s event. So, if you have a gallery, room, beautiful cathedral or stunning field to make use of, get in touch with Yuna and promise your support. The previous event spanned Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, yet that knows exactly how far it will spread out during its next evolution. All female NFT FESTIVAL is April 3-10 If you have gallery room to make use of during that week and also would love to sustain this historic event please connect to me asap thank you!

Queens approve people from all profession, standing for all tools as well as techniques. As long as the art work is represented by an NFT, it gets the occasion.

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