Mega City Expansion and LAND Sale Introduced through The Sand Box

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Portal to the online globe, The Sandbox, has announced its most current metaverse expansion strategy. A sprawling Hong Kong-themed city called Mega City. Many high-flying Hong Kong-based trailblazers from the enjoyment, arts, and business sectors have partnered with The Sandbox for the project, each getting important stories of LAND in Huge City and promising to create various experiences inside.

Currently onboard are Adrian Cheng, Times Resources, Stephen Feng, Shu Qi, Dough Boy, Little Boxer, and Dreamer. A diverse team of exceptional talents standing for several of the brightest minds on the planet today. Mega-City will certainly take inspiration from Hong Kong and its abundant culture. As a result, it will take visual signs from the dynamic place while also positioning itself as the”city of the future.” So, expect robotics, hi-tech experiences, as well as a great deal of chrome in the event of all things Mega City. The Sandbox is preparing an enormous LAND sale.

Dropping at 1 pm UTC on January 13, interested events can obtain their hands on some prime metaverse real-estate. Up for grabs are 95 stories of costs LAND (4683 $SAND), 61 classic stories (1011 $SAND), and also seven estates (auction). Each additionally bundled with a superb series of NFTs sponsored by the Mega-City partners.

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