The Battle Saga is Joined by The IQ Protocol to Launch The Lending Mechanism

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NFT lending specialist, intelligence method, has actually announced an exceptional new partnership with live approach (RTS) blockchain game, Battle Saga.
This magnificent collaboration means that players can rent their useful assets entirely run the risk of free. IQ Protocol is undertaking its core goal of opening the inert value in extra video gaming NFTs.
Thus offering users with the possibility to rent out their valued assets via a safe and secure as well as trusted system, while also lowering the onboarding expenses for new players.
And also allowing them to participate at a fraction of the cost. Utilizing its cutting edge new loaning technology, IQ Procedure will certainly wrap the NFTs in its video game.
Altering secure smart contract which in turn allows brand new gamers to lease things without any up front security.

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As a result, users can establish rental arrangements for all in-game NFTs, such as characters, skins, weapons as well as products.
All this leads to a best case scenario where every person included runs in a secure, trustless environment. IQ Procedure welcomes Battle Saga!
We’re thrilled to announce a collaboration with battlesagaio, a blockchain based real time method (RTS) game, and exactly how IQ Protocol will change the individual experience and unlock a new economic climate for gamers.
NFT rental marketplace launching Q1. Battle Legend is a brand new play-to-earn RTS, the initial video game to bring the blockchain mechanic to the category.
Gamers can therefore gain beneficial incentives for operating within the community while also partaking in its governance using the platform DAO.
As the play-to-earn round steams in advance, so to does the evolution of the energy on which it is based.

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