A Major Overhaul is Prepared by The Axie Infinity to Balance Ailing Economy

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As Axie Infinity sits at the cusp of its 20th season, it encounters a significant issue. The in-game economy remains in freefall, as well as the team needs to take immediate action to stem the trend.
So, in a proposal to put this online globe to right, it is preparing for a significant overhaul of its benefits system.
The trouble the system encounters is that it presently mints four times the variety of SLP symbols than it sheds, thereby producing an unsustainable state of affairs where the overall supply continuously increases.
Because of this, the group mean to tackle this problem head on in the upcoming 20th season. First for the slice are both the experience mode and everyday pursuit rewards.
Altogether, these currently comprise a substantial 54% of all SLP circulation, and also cutting them will consequently have a drastic impact on the token stability.

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In addition, the Axie team will certainly additionally minimize SLP incentives for groups over 1,100 MMR, while re-introducing incentives for reduced placed groups.
All is not shed nonetheless, as where one set of rewards is shed, another is acquired. So, moving forward, the existing leader board is expanding from 1,000 to 300k combatants.
Each of which will certainly get a share of 117,676 AXS tokens, around $6 million.
A place of basic computing will expose nonetheless, that a mint/burn shortage still remains.

So, to address this scenario, Axie is dealing with a variety of added burning systems for the platform. Consequently, expect to see unique cosmetics, upgradeable body parts, breeding occasions.
And buy-in tournaments getting here in the Axie ecological community over the coming months.
Finally, to tail off all the upgrades, Axie will certainly level out its power distribution.
Moving forward, it will certainly consequently incentivize larger teams and also the preserving of low level Axies.
Everyone of this stands for a mere stepping rock however, as the game will alter once more when beginning lastly arrives.

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