The Metaverse Moves of McDonald: The ‘Virtual Restaurant’ & Virtual Goods have been Applied by 11 Trademarks

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American fast-food leviathan McDonald’s is the latest major brand to make an action into the metaverse by submitting no less than twelve hallmark applications on February 4, eleven of that make straight referrals to online dining establishments, cafes, concerts, and also other virtual solutions, goods, as well as events.
Trademark lawyer and founder of Gerben Copyright Josh Gerben first raised the applications on Twitter, explaining 10 applications submitted by the fast-food chain.
These filings indicate that the company many plan to offer “a digital restaurant featuring actual and also digital goods” as well as “running a digital restaurant including home delivery.”

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One of the declaring applications requests to trademark “Digital food and drink items” and also “Downloadable multimedia files containing art work, text, sound and video clip documents and non-fungible symbols” (NFTs).
McDonald’s likewise included its McCafe brand name in the metaverse trademark application. The brand likewise looks for to hallmark “Virtual food and also beverage items”.
As well as “Downloadable multimedia data containing artwork, message, sound as well as video documents and non-fungible tokens.”
The action adheres to a more comprehensive pattern within the market where big technology as well as deluxe companies are trying to obtain their share of the future digital world.

Just previously this year, Walmart and also Crocs filed hallmark applications indicating that they intend to supply online products, digital properties, and NFTs.
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