Utility of Football NFTs is Boosted by ‘Homa Games x Sorare Jam’

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Homa Games is launching the fourth edition of the HOMAJAM series, Homa Gamings x Sorare Jam. The Jam is an effort committed to enhancing the utility of Sorare’s NFT Football Tale Cards, where both novice as well as knowledgeable video game designers rate to send models of amusing mobile video games which utilize the NFTs as playable characters. Participant registration is open on Homa Game’s site up until the Jam’s opening ceremony on February 4 th. As soon as the event has finished, participants will certainly have until March 4 th to develop as well as send their prototypes.

Throughout the month of advancement, Homa Games will certainly be giving consistent assistance to participants to assist them create and also take advantage of their concepts. The mobile video gaming platform will also be holding a masterclass from mobile and blockchain industry professionals for individuals to sink their teeth into. Homa Games and Sorare will choose the victor of the Jam, that will certainly be granted with an illustrious ‘Grand Prix ‘prize featuring very important access to releasing chances with Homa Games, in addition to a pack of Sorare Fantasy Football Cards valued at over$ 7000.

Along with the apex prize, 3 Sorare Dream Football Card loads valued at$ 1500 will be granted to the designers who offer the best CPI (cost per set up for mobile), play, as well as retention metrics in their models. There will likewise be product rewards for models awarded ‘Homa Games Favourite ‘, ‘Jammer’s Favourite ‘, and ‘Many Active and also Handy ‘, as well as an unique gift for each and every subscriber.

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