The NFT Artefact Auction, “Vitalik Moon Lambo” is Presented by The NFTLND

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From time to time a possibility occurs to possess an item of history. A fragment of the Berlin wall, a baseball from the globe collection, or OJ Simpson’s gloves.
These things all hold considerable value as a result of the actions associated with them. In this capillary, enthusiasts can now acquire an item that represents an essential minute in NFT history.
In an one of a kind public auction, worth while bidders can compete for ownership of a brand new type of artefact.
Not just a physical item that transports its owner to a historic minute, yet additionally conclusive proof of that item’s credibility.
So, beginning at 2pm of February 26 and also competing 2 days, relic seekers can acquire a Tees authorized by none other that Vitalik Buterin himself together with an NFT video that verifies its legitimacy.

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The product in question is a distinctive real life wearable, decorated with the commonly shared “Vitalik Moon Lambo” meme.
A layout that sees a silver dressed Vitalik encapsulated by the ethereum logo design, magically rising a cherry red Lamborghini between his outstretched hands.
A remarkable product, which additionally proudly shows the ethereum godfather’s trademark off to one side, thereby giving followers a chance to have the historic bundle, recorded at the ETHLND meetup hung on September 2, 2019.
The sale of this other worldly collectible comes courtesy of the annual NFT London meetup, with the auction of the item aiding increase funds for this year’s occasion.
A worthy addition after that, for any kind of self respecting NFT collection in the non-fungible space.

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